Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recruiting Prospecting Business Cards to build your business

Building your Network Marketing and MLM business can be tough in the beginning

Here's an idea that's being used my many people.

Recruiting Business Prospecting Cards.

These are business cards that you can use for face to face introduction or as drop offs. They introduce who you are and how you and your opportunity can help people make more money.

Its should just convey that you are a business person in the area looking for people who want to make more money. Its important that you give people a sense of urgency to meet with you. Try something like, "looking for 3 people this month". This gives people the impression that there are a limited about of people your looking for and they will not procrasinate.

You should also include a strong incentive for them to join you. It could be something like money, T Shirt, trip....

You should also include the location where you can meet them for the first time. It could be Starbucks, your office, restaraunt...

Lastly, include your contact information so that they can contact you or visit your website.

Heres an example of a card that has produced some great results.

You can get 1000 of these Recruiting Prospecting Business Cards at Ebay

Well, this a business idea that alot of people are using right now to grow their businesses.

Hope this helps.


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